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Narciso Ornelas logo

This was my first attempt at my logo. Three blue blocks of jenga arranjed in a way that they look like an N.

First attempt

Why blocks of jenga and why blue? Blue is my favorite color. It reminds me of the sky and infinite. And jenga because while playing the game I realized that somehow Jenga is related to life and the choices we make. Many times we will move the wrong pieces and the entire structure might fall, we can feel sad and down for a while, but we can still rebuild the tower and try again.


Photo John Moeses Bauan

At this point I was thinking to my self "I like the idea, the logo looks good but looks like the netflix logo...". So I had to change something about it but still keep the original idea. And almost by accident, I saw the logo in the browser inside a circle. And Eureka! The circle around the N was perfect because now I had the N and O initials for Narciso Ornelas.

So this is the final version of my logo and I'm really happy with it.

Logo Narciso Ornelas

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