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Opotours is a commissioned website for a hiking business.

For this job i've created the layout and the logo.

This is a simple website with few tabs. It as an about page, an accommodation, a contact and a book now tab. There is also buttons for opotours youtube channel and the facebook page.

As the user enters the website he really needs to know where he is immediately. So i've thought that the best way to do it was with a full page video on the homepage. By doing it the user would know that he is in a hiking website such as he could see some parts of the trip, seeing himself already doing the hike. With this strategy we could raise the chance of getting a new customer. I’ve removed the vídeo from the mobile version since the vídeo consumes a lot of data an slows the website down.

In the about tab i’ve placed a picture of Adriano (the owner) a description of who is, such as what is the business all about. On the same page the user can contact him via e-mail or facebook.

Since Casa da Visa is someone with which Adriano as a good relation he decided that is website should have a link for them.

The contact tab is a simple contact form.

Book Now is the tab in which the user can choose the hike he wants to do. At this time, i was able to place a promo vídeo created for the hike in Gerês National Park and small description for both.

I’ve used blue, that represents the nice weather of Portugal and red that represents the wine from the trip in Douro.

Also you can check the sketch of the website i've created in figma.

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