Biclas - My mascotBiclas - Brand Mascot created with Gimp

Biclas - Brand Mascot created with Gimp

After creating my logo I wanted to create a mascot.

Well, there's this funny bird called Potoo and a few years ago I’ve created a cartoon version of him. After reviewing the art I’ve decided to create a better version of him. The main objective was to use this mascot in some future projects that could come up.That project turned out to be the YouTube channel Biclas & Antrax Gaming related to the game Hill Climb Racing 2.

After some videos, I’ve started to not really like the second version of him and decided that he needed another upgrade. His name is Biclas and this is his third and final version (maybe).

Biclas Final Version

This one was the cover for one the videos on YouTube.

Biclas Finger Soft

Other takes on Biclas #

Biclas Cool

Biclas Fight

Biclas Hurt

Biclas driver

Biclas Angry

Generation one and two #

Biclas 1st stages

The second generation was starting to look better #

Biclas older version

Biclas older version

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