vaquinhaExposição Box Parade - Vaquinha

Exposição Box Parade - Vaquinha

"Vaquinha" was my proposal for the Art Exhibition organized by Arquivo Regional da Madeira and UMa (Universidade da Madeira).

Título: “Vaquinha”

Dimensions: 80x50x30cm

Material: zinc plated box, tissue, acrylic mesh

Box definitions: “receptacle or container made of wood, cardboard, metal, etc. with rectangular, square or cylinder-shaped faces, with or without a lid; safe box; ark”. This object can be related to the ribcage, for example of a cow. This structure houses organs and life. It leaves members and other types of extensions. In turn, extensions like a cow's mammary glands produce milk.

Milk can be understood as: "liquid, supplied by the females of some domestic mammals (cow, goat, etc.), used in human food".

In the case of milk as a food, it will be: “everything that by law, contract or testamentary disposition is given to a person for his sustenance, housing, clothing, education and instruction”. At the same time, the documents serve as food, instruction elements and events of the past, which help us to understand the present.

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