Porto Locals Porto Locals website created with Eleventy

Porto Locals website created with Eleventy

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Opotours was rebranded for Porto Locals and I've used this opportunity to rebuild the website with Eleventy and Netlify CMS.

For this project, I've used some of the ideas of the previous website, decided to not create tabs and keep all the info on the landing page and added a neat dark mode.

When the user visits Porto Locals he has a banner with a video in which he can have a preview of what he is getting, if he chooses to use one of the services provided by Porto Locals. Just below he's able to pick one of the experiences provided by the website that are separated by categories.

After that, there's a text written by Adriano (the owner) about the business and pictures of who will guide them on the hikes/experiences.

The website also provides links for social media and ways to contact Porto Locals.

Almost all the content on the website can be changed using Netlify CMS, making it easy to update.

On this project, some minor CSS issues were not fixed because at one point we realized that it was easier to update and control the website by using a service/blog provided by Bokun.

If you ever visit Porto check Porto Locals.

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